Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Happy Room For the Grandkids!

I am so excited to announce the birth of my second granddaughter, Ellen, who was born on December 3.  She is such a beautiful little baby and I already love her dearly!  It is in her honor that I am sharing a grandkid's room that I recently designed for two of my favorite clients.  These sweet grandparents recently downsized from the home where they raised their three children to a lovely town home just a couple blocks away.

I first met with them this past summer, just before they moved to their new place.  We went through the house and took inventory of what they would like to keep and what would need to go.  This was not an easy move for my clients because this was the home where they had raised their children,  and where many fond memories had been made.

I felt my main goal was to make this new place feel like home to them!  I wanted to give them a place where they would look forward to coming home each day!  In the end, I believe they would say we accomplished that goal!

For this grandkid's room, the homeowners wanted a space where their grandsons would be excited about coming over and playing.  My client said she wanted this to be a happy room!  The room was not very large and yet it needed to function as a place where the boys could have sleepovers, and a place where they could play, and also just hang out to watch TV.  The boys are young now, but we wanted to design a space that could grow with them.  The first thing we did was paint those gold walls a pretty Benjamin Moore color called "Classic Gray".  We then divided the room into three zones: one for sleeping, one for playing, and one for working.

This is how the room looked when I saw it for the first time.  

We used the client's beds, and we had the desk and upper cabinets built in for needed storage

This corner would become the sleep zone.

This small sectional from Bassett was the perfect solution for this small space.  The ottoman provides some extra storage.  The beds
are a cozy place for sleepovers.  The large world map is from Ikea.  

This corner would become the play area/TV viewing area.
There are a few details that had not been completed when this photo was taken.  We had not hung the cork boards or added the hardware to the cabinets.  Notice the little dorm fridge?  What a fun space!

We added some play clothes to the coat rack that included a fireman's jacket and some boots!
The room has ended up being such a fun, happy space that the grandparents are reporting that they find themselves spending a lot of time up here watching TV, even when the grandkids are not there!