Monday, April 4, 2011

Design Spaces That I Like

As promised in my very first blog, I want to share with you some of my favorite design spaces.  I like a lot of different styles, but my favorite design style is Casual Contemporary which is defined as "a look of relaxed comfort, with handsome furnishings and low-maintenance materials.  It may use wicker or natural wood, durable materials and sturdy but comfortable fabrics combined in an easy-living style with personally meaningful accessories".   I do not like any space that is so formal that it looks like it belongs in a museum and should be roped off with no entry allowed.  Rather, I like a relaxed space that is warm and inviting and reflects the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner. 

 Below, I have posted a few images of spaces that I like that were designed by some of my favorite Interior Designers including Jessica Helgerson, Victoria Hagan, and Sarah Richardson.  Enjoy!  

A child's bedroom  and two kitchens designed by Jessica Helgerson:

A kitchen design by Victoria Hagan.


    A family room and bedroom designed by Victoria Hagan.

A bedroom, foyer, and family room designed by Sarah Richardson.