Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Junkroom Makeover!

Until just a few weeks ago, the room pictured below was so cluttered, I could barely open the door!  When I began staging homes a few months ago, I needed supplies, and I needed a place to store those supplies.  What my family calls the "blue" bedroom was the only room in our home that was unoccupied, so it became the "catch-all" room for all of my staging supplies (and anything else that needed to be hidden away)!

Recently, some of my dear friends, who are expecting a new baby soon, came by to get a rocker that I was giving them for their new nursery.  Unfortunately, the rocker was being stored in the "blue" bedroom, and we could barely push the door open to get into the room.  It was all I could do to make a path for us to get our hands on the  rocking chair!  It was just plain embarrassing to have a room that was so out of control!  As soon as my friends drove away with the rocker, I got busy clearing out and organizing the room.  (I sort of felt like the Little Engine that Could as I carried one item at a time out to the garage). Many of the items I used for decorating the "new" room were some of my staging items such as the adorable twin headboards that were beautifully handcrafted by my very talented seamstress, Kay!  She does such beautiful work!  She also made the drapery panels, that had previously been used in a bedroom with nine-foot ceilings, so they are going to have to be hemmed.  The brown and white striped rug is from Capel Rug Outlet in Blowing Rock, NC.  The wicker trunks are from Ikea.  The bedspreads were purchased from Pottery Barn about 15 years ago for my daughter's room!  I turned them to the reverse side for this room.  I purchased the small vanity that sits between the beds at an antique shop many years ago and painted it white.  The floral pillows are from Etsy.  The throws at the end of the bed were purchased from Eastern Accents on the final day of the Fall furniture market.  They were having a big sale, and I thought these were really cute for a great price.  They have a chevron pattern that you can't see in this picture.

I wish I had some "before" pictures of the space, but I never even thought about taking pictures of such a big mess.    Hard to believe it's the same room now!  My first thoughts when I look at these pictures is, "Whew! What a relief!"