Sunday, July 22, 2012

My New Studio

Once I knew that I was going to embark on this new adventure of starting my own Interior Design business, I began planning my studio.  The plans had to live in my imagination for a couple of months, because I was working hard to finish school and my daughter and son-in-law were living in the space that would become the new studio while my son-in-law was finishing his masters program.  Besides that, my imagination could only be as big as my budget which was not very big, but that's okay!  I love a budget challenge!

Last April, I happened in the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in High Point where they had just received three large architect tables from a local architect who had recently sold his business.  One table had been sold already, but I snatched up one of the two remaining tables and carried it home in the back of my van.  The night before I was scheduled to present my portfolio to a panel of Interior Designers for our final exit project, I sat in my garage painting this nice table!  Somehow, painting the table helped to ease some of the nervousness of thinking about the next day's presentation.

I had paint in my hair for about six weeks after painting inside these shelves!
This table makes a great place to lay out my fabrics and paint chips
as I plan color schemes for my projects!
I found these baskets at Target to finish the table.

Next, it was time to think about a desk.  I was browsing at one of my favorite consignment stores back in the spring where I found a nice desk chair.  It was very reasonably priced, but more importantly, it was very comfortable!  

Lastly, I rode with my middle daughter down to Ikea in Charlotte where we picked out a nice desk along with two Expedit bookcases.  Each bookcase was compactly packed into one long box and each box was very heavy.  We made the mistake of loading the heavy boxes into my van by ourselves instead of asking someone for help.  In order to load the boxes into the van, I climbed inside to pull on the box while my daughter pushed on the other end of the box from outside the van.  Somehow, my foot got hung up on the floor mat as I stepped backward with the box causing me to stumble and fall out of the van onto the parking lot!  Don't ask how it happened because I can't tell you!  All I know is that one moment I was in the van and the next moment I was laid out on the asphalt parking lot staring up at the sky!  Thankfully, I wasn't hurt too badly, just a little sore (and a lot embarrassed). 

Now that my office is finished, however, I must say that the journey has been worth it and I really like working in such a cozy little space!  The first time I sat down at my desk, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of "this is really happening"  and I felt very thankful to Jesus for helping me to get here, and for giving me the opportunity to work at a job that I really enjoy!

This is a cozy and comfortable place to work!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Forest at Duke

I recently completed a guest apartment design for The Forest at Duke, a retirement community in Durham, NC.  The apartment is a small, yet very cozy one bedroom that required careful space planning.  The design process began with a visit to the retirement community where I gathered information by interviewing the client, and by taking photographs and making precise measurements of the space.

Space planning this small apartment was one of most crucial elements of the design.  I used AutoCAD to draw the specified furnishings into the dimensioned space, as shown below.

Space Plan for Living and Dining Area

Space Plan for Bedroom

Below, are some "Before" and "After" shots of the space:

Living Room "Before"

Living Room "After"

Entryway "Before"

Entryway "After"
Bedroom "Before"

Bedroom "After"

Another angle of the Bedroom "Before"
Bedroom "After"

Kitchen "Before"
Kitchen "After"

Bathroom "Before"

Bathroom "After"